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Spriests make great tanks!

I was on the last boss in Halls of Flesh Shaping in the LFR tonight.  I was dps’ing happily on my shadow priest, when the tank died.  Yeah, someone thought it would be a great idea to single tank Dark Animus.  I somehow ended up being the tank for the last half of the boss. Since I’m a clothie, that mainly consisted of me running like hell in big circles around the room, shielding, dotting the boss, and running some more. I was using Fade when it was off cooldown just to get a little ahead of the boss.  I always ended up getting aggro back.

I had some healer yelling at me in a whisper to stop running cause it was harder for him to heal me.  I’m a clothie for heaven’s sake.  What did he want me to do?  Go toe to toe with him?  This was the same jackass that decided that he wasn’t going to die when we wiped on the pale fogs.  (Embarrassing I know.  No one ever wants to kill them fast.)   He was running back to the entrance and every time someone zoned in, they died.  So I don’t think his opinion was valid.  I think it’s the funniest thing to happen to me in WoW for quite some time.  If it wasn’t for those healers in the group who knew what they were doing, we would have wiped.

Moral of the Story: Spriests make great tanks! 


After 13 times watching Into Darkness but seeing without observing (in my defense, it’s because I couldn’t possibly tear my eyes from Khan at any time), on the 14th time I had an apotheosis.


As I had rewatched the deleted “shower of evil” scene endlessly, I noticed that the background etc. really matched exactly that of the Enterprise brig cell, and that the shower must be on the ship. 
(The light/frosted window/thing on the top left of this pic is EXACTLY like the ones in the cell, and the shelf beneath it also looks made like the beds/seats in the cell.)

Shower of evil, note the background.

If so, where in the brig could it be? It’s unlikely that they would have a separate shower area that the guards would have to take the prisoners to etc. (although that too inspires kinky fanfic ideas… XD), and so a logical deduction was that it might be in the cell itself.
So I went to re-watch making the painful sacrifice of exceptionally not staring at Khan 100% of the time, for the sake of looking for this door. XD

And lo and behold:


It was right there, in such an obvious spot. (I would never have missed it before if I hadn’t been distracted by Benedict’s gorgeousness as Khan.<3)


Mystery solved.

Also, I wonder if there are cameras in the bathroom, so that the prisoner can be watched from elsewhere in the ship… In all logic, there would be, what with dangerous prisoners and all… so… FANFIC NOW. *ahem*

I feel like this is my most important discovery ever.♥♥♥ XD lol

I just hope the actual shower scene will be on the DVD!!

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